Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tupelo Honey Shrimp and Grits

A beautiful day was
made even better by a visit from our two girls. I made these shrimp and grits from the Tupelo Honey Restaurant in Asheville,NC. This and many other recipes are in their cookbook. The grits have goat cheese and fresh basil in them. Can't wait to go there in Oct. When we go to SAFF. No leftovers tonight!

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  1. Hi Belva,
    Boy this does look good.....Wish I had been at your house...

    By the way, when is STAFF in Oct.?

    Love ya,
    Nancy By the way, I'd love it if you would join my blog. I have to get back \ to soon...Just not wanted to write....

  2. Looks wonderful. I love shrimp and grits. Haven't tried the goat cheese in them, but I am a huge Feta cheese fan.

    Sounds like a place that would be great to visit.

    Love, Clara