Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leisure Knitting

When I need a break from my KAL shawl project, I am working on my Different Lines Shawl. I stumbled upon this pattern while looking at the Stripe Study Shawl. Definitely different from my usual shaped wraps or shawls. I dyed the gold yarn in my crockpot after I was unable to find a contrasting color that I liked. Hope to be wearing this one soon!

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  1. So beautiful. To understand and create your own color is truly an art. I don't cook that much anymore, I can just see Sonny opening the crockpot lid thinking I was cooking and find MORE YARN!

  2. Belva, So gorgeous.....I can't wait to see you model it.....I love the colors you chose.......I am so impressed you dyed your own yarn; I would never get the color I wanted....Smart gal......